UTE Local 70001 – update

Leadership update

Due to recent staffing changes, we would like to announce some changes to the leadership of UTE local 70001.

Effective immediately:

  • Gabriel Bourdon has resigned as president, and is no longer a steward of the local.
  • Jennifer Keays has been elected president of the local.
  • Alan Craig has resigned as secretary and remains a steward of the local.
  • Laura Kaeding has been elected secretary of the local.

According to our bylaws (article 4.4), we will have to hold a special meeting to elect a new vice-president. We will hold this meeting as soon as possible, so watch our emails, our Facebook page, and/or our billboards for information. Please share this information with any other members who might be interested, and please contact your local representatives if you have any questions.

We would like to thank Gabriel … We would also like to ask for your continued support, and your patience as Jennifer and Laura step into their new positions. We are all committed to continuing to work for the members of UTE local 70001.

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